Review Policy


Dearest Authors,

Let me start off with introducing myself. I’m Rosemarie from the Philippines and I’ve been doing book reviews since 2016 and started this blog for that purpose. During those time, I’ve been accepting and accepting review request and I’ve realized that I should make some rules regarding those requests. I am just a student, so my time is usually full already. But I love reading and helping out authors, I pushed through with it despite my hectic school schedule. Below are my review policy:

  • I read almost any book but here are the books that I usually read:
    • Young Adult and New Adult
      • Contemporary
      • Fantasy
      • Science Fiction
    • Literary Fiction
  • I usually avoid the following genre:
    • Religion (I don’t like the biases)
    • Horror (I try to branch out but I still have to get used to the horror aspect)
  • I love reading when I have a physical copy of the book (paperback or hardback). It makes me read more. But e-books are also acceptable, but not ideal for me. I tend to read more when it’s physical.
  • As much as I love listening to Audiobooks, I don’t accept them because it doesn’t fulfill the general feel of reading.
  • I give my absolute HONEST review when reading. If I don’t like the book, I would give out reasons for feeling that way towards it. And if I love it, I will praise it non-stop.
  • Normally, it would only take me a week to get a book finished and reviewed but due to my hectic school schedule, I can read and review your book in 3-5 weeks, after receiving the book. (I’ll let you know when I have done it earlier or so.)
  • I will have the reviews available on my blog and Goodreads. As well as in Instagram and occasionally on Twitter.

I hope that wasn’t too brutal for you. I just want to make the most out of your book. I don’t want you sending me books that I would later on not read or not enjoy. It would save you time and money. But if you do plan to send me your book, I would be honored and pleased to review it.

If you have further questions and inquires, send me an email on You can also send me an email if you want me to review your books.

Thank you and I hope we can work this thing out.