Welcome to my little world filled with books and some adventures in the outside world!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

Hi bibliophiles, I’m Rosemarie from the Philippines. You can call me Mae or Rose, it all depends on you. I started reading back in grade school and immediately fell in love with it! The first series that I actually finished in the Twilight Saga and yet I’m not a die hard Twihard. I started collecting books when I got my varsity allowance and bought three books that was on sale in our local bookstore and that’s how it all started.

I decided to start this blog because I want to share to you my love for books and how books are able to make my day turn from being the worst to good. You’ll also be seeing a few travel blogs and tips because from time to time, I travel with my love ones.


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I’ll upload at once a week or when I am free from school stuff and life. You should follow me on my social medias to get updates and more bookish things.

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Thank you and have a great day