BOOK REVIEW: “Somewhere In Between” by Katie Li

Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m back with another book review today. This time, I’m reviewing a book that was sent to me by the author for free in exchange for an honest review. Title: Somewhere In Between Author: Katie Li Format: Paperback (review copy) Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Romance Reading Period: March 28 – April 16,… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: “Somewhere In Between” by Katie Li


BOOK REVIEW: “Confess” by Colleen Hoover

Hello there, beloved readers. I’m back with another short review. Most of you, if not all, already know that Colleen Hoover’s book, Confess, is made into a TV show. And because of that, I decided to read the book before I watch it. (Just a friendly reminder, I don’t own a physical copy of the… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: “Confess” by Colleen Hoover

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Under Ground Series Characters Fun Interview

Hello there readers. Here a fun interview with the lead characters of the Under Ground series by Alice Rachel. *Chi, Thia, and Stephen all take their seats in the room, along with Alice* Chi: *gives a warm smile* Hi, Rose! How are you? Thanks for the interview. Thia: *waves at Rose and smiles* Stephen: *winks… Continue reading Under Ground Series Characters Fun Interview