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Hello bibliophiles! It’s been a while since I last made a Top Ten Tuesday and this is the start of getting back to making Top Ten Tuesdays.

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.


This week’s topic is Favorite Bookmarks. I have a lot favorite bookmarks and because of that I’m dividing it into two categories, it’s going to be divided into magnetic and regular bookmarks. (Find next week’s topic here.)

I won’t try to describe them, I’ll show them to you instead, especially for my magnetic bookmarks. I’ll just group the bookmarks by store so it would be easier to see.

magnetic bookmarks


This Amren and Azriel bookmarks are from Biblio Friends (from @bibliofriends on Instagram). I love the art style of Queen and I love how each bookmarks she creates looks beautiful.


These two bookmarks are one of my top favorites because of the quotes at the back of each bookmarks.  Just look at that beautiful background.  This Cinder and Kai bookmark are my favorite because they are by far my favorite couple from the Lunar Chronicles.  These bookmarks are from Bookie Bookmarks (@bookiebookmarks on Instagram).  Each bookmarks she releases as a unique quotes, you could customized it as much as you can.


This Chaol Westfall bookmark is from Pandam Design (from @pandam_ph on Instagram).  I love the art style in their bookmarks too! I love that it’s a different style to most magnetic bookmarks.

Now for the magnetic bookmarks that I got from my favorite magnetic bookmark shop.  I own a lot of magnetic bookmarks from this shop, as you can see.  My favorites are as follows:

🌻 Aelin Galathynius

🌻 Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky

🌻 Percy Jackson and Anabeth Chase

🌻 Daenerys Targaryen

🌻 Feysand during the Starfall

🌻 Feysand in Chapter 55 of ACOMAF

🌻 BB-8

All these bookmarks are from Angele Illustrate (@angeleillustrate on Instagram). I just love these bookmarks and they are very affordable, plus they have such great deals.

regular bookmarks

IMG_20191112_112617 (1).jpgFirst on the list is cloth bookmark, Star Wars Bookmark, that I got from a shop that sells bookish candles and book sleeves, The Rustic Library (@therusticlibrary).  This was a freebie from a book sleeve I got for myself on my birthday 2 years ago.

Second on the list is a set of 7 bookmarks, Court of IMG_20191112_112628.jpgPrythian bookmarks, from Her Mad Library (@hermadlibrary on Instagram).  I love this set because it features the 7 courts of Prythian.  I am in love with these one especially because I love The Night Court (because hello, Rhys!) and The Winter Court because that is the court that I am in.

IMG_20191112_112849.jpgNext on the list is these bookmarks, Floral Bookmarks, from Biblio Flora ( on Instagram).  I have been seeing this bookmarks since it got released but was so lucky enough to win four of the available designs.  So thankful to Tita Jen of @jendollente_reads, for hosting a giveaway!


Another bookmark from Her Mad Library (@hermadlibrary on Instagram), I have the rest of the Hogwarts houses but just decided to show you the Ravenclaw bookmark.  I got this from a local subscription box.  I love these bookmarks because of it’s quality, plus it has a pearl finish to it, and I love that about it.  The color doesn’t fade nor does it turn yellow.

IMG_20191112_115654.jpgNext on the list is another from Her Mad Library (@hermadlibrary on Instagram).  This bookmark, Confess bookmark, came with the bookmarks I ordered with some Sarah J. Maas bookmarks.  I love this because of the same reasons as the previous Her Mad Library bookmarks.  Confess is one of my favorite books from Colleen Hoover.

 IMG_20191112_112641.jpgNext is this Rose bookmark with a Throne of Glass quote from one of the bookmarks I designed myself for a local subscription box.  I love this because it has one of my favorite quotes from the Throne of Glass series.  And this is the only personalized bookmark I own and it deserves to be on my top list.IMG_20191112_112804.jpg

Here is another bookmark from Her Mad Library (@hermadlibrary on Instagram).  You’d know by now how much I love the bookmarks from this shop! I love them and I am more in love with this Feysand bookmark!  The silhouette is everything for me, plus the quote in the bookmark is another favorite of mine, and most people’s favorite.


Next are these The Selection bookmarks.  I totally forgot where I got these but I know it’s from a local bookmark store.  I got these customized. I picked the quotes in each bookmark and just requested the seller to just use the book covers for the rest of the bookmarks. I love the entire layout of these bookmarks and I just cannot help but admire it. Plus you cannot deny how pretty the book covers are!

IMG_20191112_112713 (1)-1.jpgNext, is you guessed it, another bookmark from Her Mad Library (@hermadlibrary on Instagram)!  This is another bookmark that was featured in a subscription box. I love this because it is double sided, I couldn’t show you the back part it is just a blue background with a sword.

IMG_20191112_112658 (1)-1.jpg

The last one on the list is these bookmarks from Pop Fiction Books (@popfictionbooks on Instagram).  I get these bookmarks for every book you purchased.  I’ve collected a lot of these and I love every bookmark I get in each book.  But I love these specific bookmarks because just look at that bookmark.  I showcases a connecting bookmark.  It came from one of my favorite Filipino written book.

That’s about it for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! I totally enjoyed writing this blog post and I am very happy to be back at writing now.



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10 thoughts on “Favorite Bookmarks

    1. They are a thing but most would just use them for photos because they can be harmful for your books. If you just pull it from the page it might tear. 😅

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    1. They are the cuties among my collection. They are very high quality too!

      You should try to get some magnetic bookmarks! You’ll love it once you get them.

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